Who We Are

In partnership with VT Cosmetics, VT Cosmetics Box was created by Fever Guys, the team that started SnackFever and LINE FRIENDS BOX.

SnackFever started in LA's Koreatown in 2015 as a Korean snack subscription box service. Since, we have relocated to Korea, changed the company name to Fever Guys, and partnered with LINE FRIENDS and VT Cosmetics to create LINE FRIENDS BOX, and VT Cosmetics Box, respectively.

We are backed by reputable investors and advisors like Strong Ventures, Spigen, Bluepoint Ventures, Toni Ko (the founder of NYX Cosmetics), Jay Eum (Translink Capital), Bora Chung (Ebay Korea's VP of Product), and we are a member of Silicon Valley's famous Draper Network.

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